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Love from Afar

Love From Afar is a project I begun when I got involved in a long-distance relationship. Since I started the relationship I've felt both more and less
lonely than before – it’s a strange mixture of being and not being alone.
As an attempt to understand my own situation I started photographing friends and
acquaintances in the same situation, living in different cities, countries or
even continents as their partners. The reason my sitters live away from their partners vary, but most often it has to do with work or studies, but some are also involuntary living separately because of visa complications and regulations.
Whatever the reason for living far away from your loved one, what all my sitters have in common is a longing to be with their partners and a dream of a future together.
The challenge I face in taking these pictures is how to express distance and longing in
a visual image? As this is a project about being apart, I have chosen to only photograph the other half of the couple. On the surface of each portrait I write the distance in kilometres the partners have between them. Distance can be measured
in numbers, but what does it actually feel like? How can you explain distance? And how can you feel so close to a person who is physically so far away?